Monday, February 4, 2013

Had a great time watching the Super Bowl Last night.  Family, friends and great food.  I thought the game was awesome and that the commercials were sub par.  I  did find the Taco Bell commercial very funny though.  This years Super Bowl was a game full of stories; the Harbaugh brothers coaching against each other, Ray Lewis retiring and the fact that Kaepernick was starting just his 10th game ever and it was in the Super Bowl. All these stories along with the blackout brought great twists to the game.  I was hoping that the Niners would come back and pull it off but I am happy that Ray Lewis was able to cash in on another Super Bowl ring and head out on a high note.  I do wonder how holidays and get togethers will be at the Harbaugh household now..what bragging rights!  I hope everyone had just as good if not better of a time than I did..check out some of the food we had going on!

Have a great day!


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