Thursday, May 2, 2013


Check out this vid!

I think sometimes these types of images and videos get swept under the rug with all the things that are said and posted on social media.  Often people rant about their hardships, politics, religion and so on and something like this doesnt always get the recognition that it should.  I feel as though we often get caught up in the hamster wheel of life and we forget about all the simple things that really matter. Both this picture and youtube clip speak volume to the idea that we now a days tend to take so much stuff for granted because we are so accustomed to always wanting more. If we took a second each day, sat down, looked around us and appreciated everything that came with it rather than complaining about things that happened or things that we didn't get I believe people would be much happier.  I feel as though people's capabilities are limitless but in today's society people are constantly told that they can't do something or that isn't this day in age I feel that many people have forgotten how to not only dream but how to dream big.  A great quote from the video clip is when, Conner is asked, "Where is the perfect place for you and Cayden to be at in 10 years?" His response is, "You know how people have the American flag on the moon, we'll have the team Long Brothers flag on the moon." If that isn't dreaming big I don't know what is.  Lastly, at the end of the video when he is giving his speech it is funny how they pan to the crowd and people like Lebron James, Beyonce, Jay-Z and Coach K are all present and people that we generally look up to are all captivated by this young kid who has done nothing but continue to dream and push forward..he is someone we should be looking up to daily.

Make the best of each day that you are given! Time is not refundable once it is gone, it is gone forever..don't waste it!


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Smoking is a habit that many people have and many people have trouble breaking.  Even if you don't smoke yourself, you may be in danger of being exposed to secondhand smoke.  Did you know that secondhand smoke is directly connected to hearing loss?

In January I wrote a guest post for Renee on this topic for her blog.  If you are interested in learning more about this issue, check out my article and her awesome blog at: and also here is the direct link to my article:

As Renee states on her blog, "Be Strong. Be Informed. Be Healthy."

Our life is our own and we have the power to live it the way we would like to..why not live a healthy life then!

I hope everyone is having a great day, get out and enjoy this spring weather.