Thursday, January 31, 2013

Contact Sports and Injuries

Contact sports can be very dangerous to participants if the proper rules are not set in place.  Over the past few years the NFL has been trying to implement new rules in order to increase player safety and limit the amount of injuries that occur through out the season.  Many common injuries over the past few years have been concussions and ACL tears.  Concussions often stem from some sort of severe contact to the head, while ACL tears can too occur from a major hit they also can come about due to unnecessary twisting or rotating of the knee.  Player safety is a very serious deal, as new rules to protect athletes are put into place in the pros, these rules begin to filter down into high school, college and recreational sports that our children play.  As parents we always want to make sure that our children are fully protected and safe in anything that they do.  It is our job, to make sure our kids are safe during contact sports.  We can do this by making sure they are fully equipped with all the necessary equipment, educating them on the rules of their individual sport, educating them on the potential dangers of contact sports, and also keeping an eye on our children, if they have suffered a major blow in a game or practice, it is our job to make sure we are taking the right steps in order to make sure our child is ok.  

I came across an interesting article today that highlights the problem of big hits resulting in concussions in the NFL and how they may have a serious impact on the future lives of athletes well after their career is over.  With the Super Bowl coming up this Sunday I thought it would be fitting to share this article with all of you guys.  Ed Reed of the Raven's who will be participating in this years Super Bowl is no stranger to big hits and also concussions.  The article states, "He's had just three diagnosed concussions he said, although he acknowledged there "may be more that you don't really know about." With that being said it is extremely important to keep an eye on athletes after they have been involved in any sort of severe contact.  While symptoms of concussions are often very noticeable right away, sometimes they may come gradually and can be over looked in some instances.  Concussions along with other serious sports injuries are no joke, if you feel you that your child has suffered a concussion or another sports related injury make the right choice to remove them from the game and have them checked out by the athletic trainer on hand then your primary care doctor.  Sports are fun, but they are not worth risking the healthy of our children.  Here is the link to the article below, check it out!

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