Thursday, April 18, 2013

Interesting article on artificial sweetener that is used as a replacement to high fructose corn syrup, cane sugar and other high calorie, high fat sugars, in an effort to reduce the amount of calories that are in certain sweet foods and drinks that we consume.  Aspartame can be found in diet soft drinks, candy, breath mints, some low cal yogurts and some condiments such as ketchup and sugar free chocolate syrup. Its crazy to think sometimes how a lot of the foods and drinks that people choose to consume are doing nothing more than destroying our bodies.  Treat you're body right and feed it with the proper nutrients that it needs and deserves. Eat great..feel clean!

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  1. I am slowly withdrawing from aspartame and diet coke is my demon! I'm down to one medium at lunch and plan to be off of all aspartame by summer. Those of us who struggle with our weight were lured into thinking diet products would help us loose weight. Healthy food and plenty of water is the best way to loose weight. LMM

  2. Good information here. It is important for us to stay healthy, I agree.

  3. Hi guys! Thanks so much for the comments, I feel with a little guidance and the right knowledge living a healthy lifestyle is extremely feasible for anyone. Hope you both have a great week!