Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well, I have some exciting new, over the past weekend my family and I got a new puppy.  My wife and I both grew up having family dogs and we thought that it would be a great time to get one of our own. I especially missed having a dog coming from a hunting family. We have always wanted a lab of our own and since we are very active we thought it would be a great fit to our family.  We have been searching for a few months now and just this past week finally got in touch with a breeder who had a littler of 10 puppies.  When we finally called her she told us that they only had 5 left so we ought to get there as fast as possibly to reserve ours.  We were so excited to finally get one that that night we jumped in the car and headed to check them out.  We originally wanted a girl, but when we got there the "runt of the pack" as she called him Pumpkin came waddling over to us and fell asleep right beneath our feet.  With being there not even 20 mins we knew that he was the one. We then exchanged contact info and put down a deposit and we picked him up yesterday.  We decided to switch his name from Pumpkin to Finley, being from an Irish family we thought it fit well.  

Enjoy the day!



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  3. We adopted 2 dogs earlier this year. They are important members of our family. I'm sure Finley will fit into your Irish family just fine.

    1. He has been awesome! It is crazy how fast they grow, already over 20 lbs!